Tom Briggs of Epigraph: The Need For Partnerships In Business

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4 min readJul 1, 2022


It is often said that no one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. At least that’s what we hear from teachers, coaches, and good friends who want to lend a word of encouragement. It’s a timeless point to ponder for a reason, and a fact that underscores the need for partnerships.

If you review the biggest success stories in business (and other various fields of endeavor) you’ll find that most — if not all — of them began as a partnership.

Pinchforth recently interviewed Tom Briggs, the founder of independent brand innovation consultancy and design agency, epigraph. We discussed the critical role of partnerships in business and the ideal ways to cultivate them.

Tom Briggs: Leadership Excellence

Tom Briggs is a renowned creative marketing and positioning guru, public speaker, leadership facilitator, early-stage angel investor, mentor, and coach. Tom is also a global equity advocate and career mentor. Let’s be honest, he sort of challenges that “no one is good at everything” angle.

In 2020, Tom founded epigraph, a B2B/B2C agency collective that specializes in equipping and empowering highly disruptive organizations to build a more just and equitable world.

Tom is a firm believer in innovation, curiosity, and the ability of purposeful, mission-led brands to drive the greater human good. He is an advocate for humanities-rooted education and sustainable partnerships.

Partnerships: Together We Can Do Much

Tapping into the talents and skills of individuals from different backgrounds is easily the smartest way to advance innovation. In today’s highly competitive world, operating in isolation just isn’t the ideal plan for success.

Since launching epigraph, Tom has ramped up his networking efforts in a bid to discover and recruit values-aligned business minds and collaborators into his collective.

The idea, he explains, is to create a diverse board of advisors with expertise in everything from consumer branding to finance to crypto — a specialist team with the ability to enhance brand activity at any scale — whether that means Global…



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