Safia Hatcher: Strategic Planning of Your Marketing Campaign in 2021

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8 min readJun 16, 2021


If you’re not in the marketing industry, or before you joined it, you may have found yourself asking, ‘why is a marketing plan important?’ Basically, it’s what shapes your entire strategy and allows you to start doing the work to engage with your customers. Most things in life involve a plan, and you can’t go into marketing blindly without thinking about what will grab your target audience’s attention. So, if you don’t have a strategic marketing planning process in your company, it could severely affect your growth.

Luckily, we were able to speak to Safia Hatcher, who has a lot of experience in marketing and provided the advice any newbie will need. She talked to us about the marketing planning process and why being strategic is important. There’s no point in making a plan without a strategy behind it.

This is why in today’s Rediscover Marketing, we’re going to focus on how to come up with a strategic plan for your marketing campaign this year. Before you know it, you’ll be a marketing guru and all ready to go!

Introducing Safia Hatcher

Safia Hatcher currently works for two different companies, Easy Water for Everyone and Clean Streak Ventures. She works for Clean Streak Ventures as a digital marketing coordinator, and that is her full-time position. Easy Water for Everyone is more of a part-time role for Safia, and she’s been with them for two years to help them grow their digital footprint.

Safia has only just started with Clean Streak Ventures, and it’s currently just her who’s part of the marketing team. Once she gets things established amongst the company, they’ll start adding more people to the team.

Using Strategic Planning Methods

While talking to Safia, we asked her about what she thinks other marketing and growth leaders should focus on at the moment. She believes that leaders should be mindful about what current stage their consumers are at and figuring out what they are expressing. You can do this by figuring out in a strategic way how to make decisions and make the quarter better for your business.

What businesses and marketing companies need to do is understand the current need right now and how to pivot easily. This…



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