Partnerships and Powerful Marketing

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3 min readMay 30, 2022


A business partner can be your comrade in crime, the peanut butter to your jelly, or the wave in your ocean. Having a partner who complements and promotes your own talents is rare, but it can really take your professional prowess to the next level.‍

At least, that’s the case for Tara McLaughlin and Samantha G. Wolfe. Even though these two incredible women live on opposite sides of the North American continent, they’ve forged an airtight partnership built on complementary skills, trust, and sheer compatibility.‍

In the pilot episode of Hey, Partner!, we sat down with these talented entrepreneurs to find out what a solid partnership looks like and how it can make a powerful impact on your business and your purpose.

Getting to Know Each Other

Sam is a marketing guru to the emerging tech world. She is the founder of PitchFWD, an NYU Adjunct Professor and Strategic Consultant focused on Metaverse, VR, AR, & Emerging Tech Marketing. As a strong believer that even emerging tech needs good marketing, Sam was having some trouble finding like-minded professionals to share her vision.‍

Then, through a mutual connection, Sam was introduced to Tara, a web designer, and astounding branding artist. Through carefully constructed design, Tara uses a variety of digital strategies and designed content to bring brands to life. Both women agreed that even emerging tech can benefit from strategic branding and marketing.‍

When Sam and Tara tackle a project together, there’s simply no limit to what they can accomplish. So, what exactly created this mutually beneficial relationship, and why do they work so well together?

Working Well Together

Great partnerships are built on a few different factors. Complementary skills, trust, and chemistry are some of the most important. For Tara and Sam, their complementary skills and outgoing personalities made them an obvious match in the eyes of a mutual connection. It was love at first Zoom, and the two hit it off immediately in their first virtual meeting.‍

Sam and Tara have the balance of partnership down to a science. While they’re both absolute queens in the realm of marketing, they boast different specialties…



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