Jeff Mendelson: Why Podcasts are Marketing’s Next Big Move

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5 min readApr 15, 2022


These days, it seems like anyone with a microphone and an internet connection wants to launch their own podcast. At the touch of your fingertip, you can find podcasts on day trading, baking, murder mysteries, and everything in between. Even though it’s not exactly hard to jumpstart your own podcast, it’s important — for marketers especially — not to underestimate the raw power of podcasting.

We spoke with Jeff Mendelson to get a better understanding of what makes a great podcast, and how entrepreneurs and marketers can use their voices to break through the noise of digital marketing.

Who Is Jeff Mendelson?

Jeff Mendelson may not be Howard Stern, but he’s a podcaster with enough digital marketing know-how to make a six-figure boost for his clients more than a pipe dream.

Jeff made the leap into podcasting after several years of going through the motions in the marketing circuit. He found the cycle of traditional marketing was becoming monotonous and boring to him, and he just wasn’t making the connection and impact he knew he was capable of.

Tired of getting fired every few years, Jeff decided to make a move. He knew he wanted to host a short-form podcast, and he knew he wanted to interview interesting people to give it gusto. So, he ditched the traditional marketing gigs and started a podcast. Even though his first podcast floundered after only five episodes, he was able to reconstruct his dream and make a few tweaks which led him to where he is today.

Jeff is a self-proclaimed Podcast Superhero. He’s the host of his own popular podcast, where he has interviewed hundreds of top-notch guests. Jeff is also a business strategist and highly sought-after coach. He helps businesses and digital agencies use the smartest tools available to scale lead generation and build profitable professional relationships.

Starting Conversations

It didn’t take long for Jeff to realize that podcasting (specifically interviewing other professionals and entrepreneurs) was the ultimate networking tool. During an interview with Pinchforth, he joked about how putting a microphone in front of yourself automatically gives you a sort of perceived…



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