Angela Kristen Taylor: The Four Elements of Productivity

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5 min readMay 20, 2022


It would be an understatement to claim that we live in a highly productive age. Steep advances in technology allow people to work and connect at any time, from any place. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses made the transition into digital infrastructure, leading employees to perform some, or all, of their work from home.

While this new fashion of doing business provided more flexibility, it also demanded a less welcome shift in the expectation of productivity. Suddenly, more people were expected to work from home while efficiently managing their time, work, family, and household. While a few unicorns simply rose to the occasion and thrived, that was not the case for most people.

The root idea of productivity has been shallowly explored on social and psychological levels, limiting the ability for us to understand (or even think about) the driving force behind highly productive people. How do highly productive people do it, and why can’t the rest of us seem to get on board?

We spoke with Angela Kristen Taylor, an Integrative Productivity Coach, who gave us the inside scoop on why productivity is not as simple as making a to-do list.

Who Is Angela Kristen Taylor?

Angela Kristen Taylor is the founder of Productive Flow, where she specializes in coaching entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals who struggle with the chaos that often defines the work-life balance of anyone trying to succeed in fast-paced work environments.

Angela calls herself an “integrative” productivity coach. She coined the job title herself after realizing the normal methods of encouraging productivity simply didn’t work for her, or her clients. So, she created a new way to approach productivity issues by treating both the body and the mind in a major lifestyle shift that actually works.

In an interview with Pinchforth, Angela spoke about how her twenty years of coaching experience has allowed her to help and motivate many business professionals, but it also led her to make a rather unexpected discovery in regards to what’s really holding most people back from achieving their goals.

Getting to the Bottom of Productivity



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