Andy Suggs: The Philosophy of Branding

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5 min readApr 11, 2022


Knowing exactly what you’re selling is the first, and most crucial, component of efficient marketing. And 99% of the time, this is not your product or service. To really connect with your audience, you need to sell why your prospective customer should pick you.

For Andy Suggs, creating an efficient brand that really sticks with people goes much further than what you do or sell. Andy believes that efficient branding (and marketing) needs to take into account the entire client journey and your ability to show them the why behind your ideas.

Who is Andy Suggs?

Andy Suggs is the creative director, brand strategist, and partner at Reckon Branding. The company is a full-service branding agency run entirely by creative professionals, specializing in complete brand activation.

Complete brand activation is the lifeblood of Andy’s professional strategy. Simply collaborating with a client to create a punchy, attractive brand doesn’t do it for the team at Reckon. Andy and his colleagues focus on helping their clients define a specific brand focus, then work with them to activate and manage it.

More often than not, brands fail once they’re handed over to the client. Any branding agency can design and establish intricate growth plans, but most never provide any further guidance or support after launch. This is where Reckon is different.

Andy knows that no matter how good a brand looks, it’s pointless if it doesn’t work. That’s why Reckon keeps a continued partnership with their clients, guiding them through the unexpected ups and downs, providing ongoing support long after launch day.

Clients who join the intimate operation at Reckon not only experience a customized rebranding, but they learn how to implement and optimize their brand strategy for long-term success.

Andy’s Views on Media and Advertising Platforms

Andy has been in the business of advertising design since 1997. He witnessed the rise and subsequent takeover of digital media and has a unique perspective on the direction it’s headed.

In an interview with Pinchforth, Andy dismissed the suggestion that traditional media platforms are somehow…



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